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One of the challenges of headache is that the patient doesn’t have outward signs of a medical condition.

Additionally, there are many people who can “tough it out” through a moderately severe headache so they believe that other people should do so as well.

Many headache sufferers struggle with the condition for years and their friends and family pay a price of missing their functioning friend or loved one. They may become understandably impatient with the headache sufferer.

It’s complicated.

The bottom line is that if you suffer from headache, especially migraine, you must take “ownership” of the condition whether you have support or not. Try to be as understanding about the ignorance of friends and loved ones as you would have them be about your condition. While you try to educate them, you might consider it fortunate that they will never know the devastation of this condition.

A message of hope.

While searching for relief from your headache condition consider this:

Sir Winston Churchill, who near the end of his distinguished career was asked to return and speak at his old school, Harrow (where as a boy he’d almost flunked out.) The great day finally arrived, and after the school’s fanfare and acclamation Sir Winston stood to his feet, acknowledged the introduction, and gave the following address, which is quoted in full:

‘Young men, never give up.

Never give up!

Never give up!!

Never, never, never-never-never-never!'”

The end.

[The true speech was longer but it suffices for our subject.]

(Even in medical circles, migraines are given short shrift.)
The Migraine Trust, a 50 year old health and medical research charity for migraine in the United Kingdom published a paper entitled:

“Headache Disorders – not respected, not resourced”




I am a practicing chiropractor in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, USA. I also teach online classes for doctors and staff. My interest in caring for suffering patients led me to investigate alternative care for migraine and tension headaches. "He is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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