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In addition to carefully designed patient assessments (the backbone of neurological patient care), we employ state of the art technology to track patient’s nervous system status.

Thermal scan

This scan is a highly sensitive measure of surface temperature. It can offer insight into inflammation at the sight of each spinal segment. This may indicate inflammation, nerve irritation, or inhibition of vascular (blood vessel) supply to a spinal segment. Much like listening to the heart sounds with a stethoscope, it gives clues as to the condition of the underlying body systems.

1 Thermal Scan

Electronic Range of Motion

This accurate measure of the spinal motion is an indicator of the flexibility of the core system of a person’s body. It is thought that if the neck and low back are bending at a substandard level, the patient cannot experience full health. Range of motion is an excellent way to track progress in patient care.



This technology has been progressing over decades. When nerves send a signal to muscles (depolarize) to contract, the signal can be measured through the skin. Hypertensity of the muscle signals or imbalance of the signals can indicate the earliest stages of problems that may lead to degeneration of the joints in the present or years later.


Pulse Wave Profile

This exciting technology owes its progress to new advances in computers. Scientists have been able to measure pulse for centuries. In recent times, we have been able to accurately measure the height (intensity) of heartbeats. Additionally the distance between the peaks of heartbeats has given us information about our ability to respond to the normal stressors of life. It is an accurate measure of our nervous system.

4. Pulse Wave Profile

Posture scan

A posture scan will frequently discover clues in patient’s biomechanics which can lead to larger problems. When spinal joints are set free from chronic rigidity AND the patient changes their habits that lead to poor posture they will improve.

5 PostureScreen2 copy

A word about emerging technologies:

In rare cases, we will refer patients for an MRI, specialized lab testing, and neurological testing. Technologies are emerging which not only test the structure of the nervous system but also function in addition to the above tests. One promising technique is called MEG Scans.

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(Most headaches, though stubborn to treat, are not dangerous nor impervious to change. Our techniques are designed to find the ones which can be helped.)